Absa has, together with Trafalgar Property Services, developed the Investor Tenant Management Services solution. This value add offers you significant discounts and access to preferential service and support via a dedicated team.

Get significant discounts and access to preferential service and support

Benefit to Absa clients:

As an Absa client, you can choose between two service options:

Procurement Services:

A once-off letting service at a discounted fee equivalent to 50% of one month's rental.

The service will include:

  • Signed mandate 
  • Advertising 
  • Tenant application and screening 
  • Lease training and signature 
  • In-inspection

Procurement and Management Services:

A full management letting service discounted to a commission of 7% of the monthly collection amount.

Services include all of those offered by the Procurement Services option and:

  • Monthly billing 
  • Debt collection 
  • Creditor payments 
  • Management reporting 

The above services will be provided to our clients via preferential service and support processes by a dedicated Absa Portfolio team within Trafalgar.

Qualifying criteria:

You must provide your existing Absa bond, Private Bank One or Universal account number to Trafalgar for validation during the application process.

Will properties bonded at other financial service companies also qualify for the benefits offered by this value-add?

Yes! If you have an Absa bond, Private One or Universal account, you will qualify for the benefits offered by this value-add on all properties in your investment portfolio. This includes any property that is no longer financed or properties that are currently financed by other financial service providers in South Africa.

Do Trusts, Closed Corporations and other members of other legal entities qualify for this offering?

Absolutely! Members of these legal entities will need to be validated as per normal processes, and will be eligible to benefit from this solution offered if they meet the qualifying criteria.

For more information or to take up the offer, Absa customers can contact Trafalgar directly on

0860 822 822 or by email at absa@trafalgar.co.za

Visit the Trafalgar Property Services website.