Absa Corporate and Investment Banking supports your business in managing your creditor and debtor fund flows, including day-to-day working capital requirements.

Solutions across domestic and international trade

We help you to mitigate risks, ensure payment security and maximise your working capital. Our specialist advice and bespoke trade finance solutions open you to possibility across domestic and international markets.

Mitigate your documentary trade risks

Every business involved in international trade is exposed to some level of risk. We assist importers and exporters with solutions to mitigate varying levels of risk and provide financing to help you realise your growth aspirations.

Documentary trade products provide assurance relating to the performance or financial obligations of your counterparties, which enhances your position in negotiating the terms of trade. It also leads to efficiencies in your working capital position, so that you can trade with confidence.

Solutions include:

  • Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • Guarantees

Enhance trade through our open account finance solutions

The terms and types of payments a business agrees with its buyers or sellers will affect cash-flow. We work with you to customise the best available solutions for the needs of your business to help fund business growth or assist in meeting day-to-day financial obligations.

Solutions include:

  • Receivables Finance
  • Supplier Finance
  • Selective Receivables Financing
  • Import and Export Trade Loans

Enhancing your balance sheet with our structured trade finance solutions

If you are looking to improve or restructure your balance sheet, our offerings provide secured short-term working capital solutions across all industries. This is achieved by taking a view on the underlying value of inventories, accounts receivable or financial payment instruments, or a combination of these.

Improving cash flow with structured commodity finance

Structured commodity finance helps to optimise cash-flow cycles by monetising the security locked up in the inventory of agricultural commodities (such as maize, wheat, sunflower and soya).

Our solutions minimise the risks associated with this type of finance, across price, payment, performance, logistical, insurance and documentation risks.

Efficient use of liquid assets

To optimise your liquidity and working capital, we assist you to make the most efficient use of your available cash and other liquid assets by leveraging solutions across:

  • Liquidity management solutions, Corporate investments or working capital facilities
  • Liquidity and working capital optimisation solutions
  • Sweeping and notional pooling solutions that provide liquidity structuring
  • Third-Party Funds Management solutions to manage your clients' trust investments (deposits).

Working capital facilities can be accessed via a ZAR overdraft, Money Market loan and Customer Foreign Currency (CFC) overdraft.

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