Collecting monies due can be a complex and often stressful business. We offer a number of tailored platforms to facilitate effective collections.

Money collection and management

Our cash-handling solution is a comprehensive end-to-end process that improves deposit management and cash-flow optimisation.

  • Full audit trails of all deposits
  • Significant savings in time spent on administration of cash-handling processes
  • Aligns your cash-handling management and security risk-mitigation efforts.

Web access and mobile collection platforms

Across your accounts receivable, accounts payable and reconciliations, our solutions offer a secure, automated, two-way data transfer service that is an effective alternative to online banking.

We work with you to identify the ideal solution for your requirements.

Seamless technology

Based on our proven methodology of working with both merchants and industry specialists, we have created several unique propositions for seamless acceptance of payments. These include card-based transactions and other innovative forms of payments, such as wearable technology.

Our spectrum of merchants ranges from small, micro, and medium enterprises (SMMEs) to South Africa’s largest multinational retailers.

Stay informed with our value-adding information

Our information products provide value-added information to support payments reconciliation, identify potential fraud and stay informed of crucial financial activities within your business.

They supplement payment and collection processes by enhancing the data used in transactions.

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