Renewable energy: the business case for captive renewable energy plants in Africa

By Theuns Ehlers, Head: Project Finance at Barclays Africa

Renewable energy has journeyed from the subsidised fringes of electricity supply to becoming an integral part of the power landscape. This is particularly true across Africa, where it has the potential to provide millions of citizens and businesses with access to a cleaner, more affordable, easily deployable and rapidly scalable source of power.

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Five trends to watch in energy and power

By Bhavtik Vallabhjee, Head: Power, Utilities and Infrastructure – Advisory Coverage at Barclays Africa

Africa’s power and energy sector is a critical driver of growth and development across the continent – so, in order to ensure that the industry reaches its full potential and addresses the energy needs of citizens, it is necessary for businesses and producers to keep up to date with a rapidly changing landscape.

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The investment case for renewable energy for residential, commercial and industrial use

By Justin Schmidt, Head of Renewable Energy Africa Absa Retail and Business Banking

There has been a strong investment case for renewable energy worldwide for a number of years now, and this case has significantly gained momentum in the last two years. South Africa too has indicated a robust appetite for the uptake of renewable energy, not just at a macro, but also at a residential, commercial and industrial level.

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