We have a market-leading franchise with a footprint in 10 jurisdictions across the African continent, offering comprehensive cross-asset class solutions to global and local institutional clients.

Our footprint 

We have over 300 marketing sales, trading and research employees on the ground in 10 presence countries, and an extensive deal track record in a further 20 non-presence countries. Our product suite includes: equities, fixed income, corporate and institutional FX, prime services, exchange traded funds and structured products.

Electronic market access

Our electronic platforms offer access to all listed asset classes utilising world leading technology, backed by experienced traders. A dedicated development team based in Prague, Czech Republic, also gives us unique flexibility in offering bespoke solutions tailored to our clients.

Exclusive syndicate service

Absa is the only bank that employs a dedicated, cross-asset syndicate function responsible for managing the execution of our primary capital markets business across the continent. Our Equity Capital Markets (ECM) team ranked second in number of deals executed in 2017.

Exchange traded funds

We are proud to have Africa’s largest ETF franchise with 21 products across asset classes totalling 50% of the ETF market. Outside South Africa, our Gold ETFs are listed in six African countries and counting. Our Platinum ETF is the largest in the world ($770m).

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Our number one-rated* FIC research team provides extensive coverage across SA and the continent in macro, credit, fixed income and FX strategy. Our equity research team provides in-depth analysis in listed consumer, foods, industrials and TMT stocks.

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*JSE Spire Awards 2017

  • Equities

    Market-leading electronic trading platform

    Enjoy a fully integrated, cross-product equities execution and sales platform, with market leading capabilities across equity derivatives, cash equities, delta 1, equity prime finance, script lending as well as corporate access.

    Our electronic trading platform is integral to the business and offers cross-product access to the markets via JSE co-location, as well as state-of-the-art technology and systems.

  • Institutional foreign exchange (FX)

    Structured FX solutions to fit your exact needs

    We trade on behalf of both Corporate and Institutional clients in a full range of FX products both in the OTC and exchange-traded market which includes spot, forwards, swaps, options and futures.

    Our award-winning FX Trading and Sales Team offers 30 years of combined trading-desk experience to our large and diversified client base. This expertise allows us to view risk in a dynamic and unique manner and provide bespoke structured FX solutions to fit your exact needs.

    We have significant market share in the OTC and exchanged-traded space, which can be accessed using various trading channels.

    Marketing leading execution technology is also available to our clients, along with several choices of execution channel for their FX needs.

  • Electronic execution

    Cutting-edge technology

    Our cutting-edge technology and bespoke algorithms provide a superfast collocation presence and the latest low-latency technologies (installed in new cabinets at the JSE for ITac 1b and 1c go-live) designed to meet your needs.

    We also have a BEE business development programme that supplies high-quality algorithms to BEE brokers.

  • Corporate equity sales

    Experts in hedging any risks you face

    Our Corporate Equity Team is integrated across our Client, Banking, Markets and Wealth and Investment Management franchises to provide world-class solutions. Our experience and expertise in hedging our clients’ risk includes:

    • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) hedging for a number of JSE-listed corporates.
    • Providing hedging and liquidity to BEE special purpose vehicles.
    • Derivative-based acquisition funding to strategic clients in order to purchase empowerment stakes.
    • Providing hedging and liquidity to high net-worth individuals.

    We also offer unique, market-leading product technology in South Africa that can be customised to suit JSE-listed corporates engaging in share buybacks.

  • Prime services

    Your partner in prime services

    Our team provides domestic and international clients with a holistic, capital-markets approach to financing and execution across multiple asset classes. With more than seven years of growth and development, and being able to leverage international experience and best practice from our team and global partners, we are perfectly positioned to be your partner for a diverse and sophisticated client base.

    This base includes:

    • Institutional asset managers
    • Hedge funds
    • Other financial institutions
  • Risk solutions

    Structured solutions to mitigate risk

    As part of our offering, we are able to assist corporate treasurers to manage financial risk and, through our African strategy, provide structured risk management solutions in various African markets.

    Our team has extensive experience in structuring solutions to manage financial risk brought about by capital expenditure projects, capital structure transactions (e.g. debt financing) and corporate finance activity (e.g. mergers and acquisitions or divestments).

    We can offer structured solutions to mitigate the following risks:

    • Interest rate risk
    • Commodity price risk
    • Currency risk
    • Inflation risk
  • Exchange traded products

    Our convenient, low-cost trading solution

    These are passive-index or commodity funds that are listed and traded like shares on stock exchanges. They offer a low-cost, convenient and efficient means of trading on a market or specialised index, sector or commodity through a single, exchange-based transaction. 

  • Retail traded products

    Simple and transparent investments

    Our award-winning team offers investors simple and transparent investments that are structured according to varying risk and return requirements. This is effected through FAIS-accredited financial advisers, banks, life companies and discretionary fund managers.

  • Equity derivatives

    State-of-the-art execution capabilities

    With leading expertise in sales, trading and structuring of local and global derivative requirements, we can offer market-leading execution capability in futures, forwards, vanilla options, bespoke basket futures, bespoke basket options, exotic options and swaps

  • Fixed income

    Reduce your overall trade risk

    We are highly ranked, with a strong market share across the SA fixed-income market. We are a primary dealer in SA government bonds, with full execution capabilities. We offer a wide range of OTC derivatives or exchange traded products to minimise counterparty charges.

  • Cross-asset structured sales

    Optimise your portfolio or balance sheet

    Focusing only on cross-asset-class investment ideas for institutional clients, the insurance industry and pension funds, we structure solutions to help investors optimise their portfolios or balance sheets. We are also responsible for the sell-down of secondary loan assets from the bank’s portfolio, which helps investors gain exposure to assets that do not normally trade on exchanges or on the secondary markets.

  • Exclusive syndicate service

    Your partner across the continent

    We are the only bank that employs a dedicated, cross-asset syndicate function that is responsible for managing the execution of our primary capital markets business across loans, bonds and equities across the continent. Working in partnership with our investment banking, sales and trading teams, we structure, market and price new issues for our clients. 

  • Structured credit reports

    Structured credit reports

    With superior ideas, solutions and liquidity across a full range of products, we provide innovative, insightful and competitive products and services that maximise value and assist in managing risk.

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