Let’s help you achieve your short-term investment goals with our Absa Money Market Fund. The fund offers an attractive alternative to savings and deposits accounts, providing a low-risk investment solution with minimal volatility. In addition, you get competitive interest returns and immediate access to your money.


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Immediate access to funds

This fund provides immediate liquidity while protecting your initial capital.

Competitive interest rates

You get high level of income over the short to long term and competitive interest rates.

 Preserve your capital

A minimum volatility fund investing in cash, deposits and money-market instruments.

 How to get it and what you can expect:

Money Market
Features and advantages of Money Market Fund
  • The minimum investment amount is R100 000, and the minimum monthly contribution is R1 000
  • The lowest recommended investment term is 3 months.
  • Enjoy competitive interest returns and immediate access to your money
  • Interest is calculated daily and fluctuates during the investment term, as interest rates change - and can be paid into your account as income
  • Low risk investment
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