As an Absa Premier Business Account holder, you enjoy the exclusive benefits of the Premier Business Club, which include key business events, premium sporting events and lifestyle experiences. For your convenience, we will notify you about upcoming events via email or phone.

It’s risk-free and secure

To facilitate a smooth and secure transfer of funds, Absa uses the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system.

Get access tender opportunities

Open up business opportunities and get access to a researched Tender Bulletin service. The service is a real-time online tendering solution where you can respond to invitations to quote or invite other businesses to quote. 

How to get it and what you can expect

  • Features and benefits

    You get invitations to:

    • Exclusive lifestyle and experiential events
    • Premium sporting events and many others
    • Business summits in South Africa and across Africa
    • Events to allow an opportunity to engage with the Absa Group executives, industry experts, analysts and other industry leaders
    • Access to a researched Tender Bulletin service with thousands opportunities

    Please note that while access to many of the exclusive events will be free, some events will only be accessible at preferential rates - details will be provided per event.

  • Qualifying criteria

    • You need to be an Absa Premier Business Account holder - there is no membership registration; by holding a Premier Business Account you automatically qualify for Premier Business Club exclusive benefits. 
  • How to get it

    Call us on 0860 040 302

Need more help?

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If you’re an existing customer contact your Relationship Executive or your Enterprise Banker

If you’re a new customer or you don’t bank with us, call us on:

0860 040 302