If you’re a small, medium or large business owner, vendor or any professional who renders services on the move, then the PaymentPebbleTM was made for you. With the PaymentPebbleTM and an internet-enabled, compatible smartphone you can take your business with you; providing services on the move and getting paid anytime, anywhere.


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Apply for a Payment Pebble

Accept payments, anywhere, anytime

You can accept payments on the side of the road, at a market or even your customer’s home.

Easy to use

Simply plug in your Payment Pebble into the audio jack of your compatible smartphone or tablet and start transacting immediately.

Getting paid where you do business

No need to follow up on payments. Payments are made in real time.

It’s safe and secure

There is no need for you to carry cash around.

Here’s how it works & what you get:

  • How it works

    The Payment Pebble is a no fuss, simple to use device

    Get started in 5 easy steps:
    • Start by applying for a merchant account with Absa by applying online, contacting our dedicated Helpdesk on 0860 111 222 or visiting an Absa Business Bank branch near you.
    • Download the Payment Pebble app onto your compatible smartphone/tablet 
    • Plug the Payment Pebble into the device's audio jack
    • Link your device to your merchant account using your requested one-time-pin (OTP)
    • Start processing payments instantly and easily

    Download user guide

    Transact quickly and securely with your customers:
    • Select “Start Transaction”
    • Option to add a reference number to enable easy reconciliation
    • Enter the amount
    • Tap, insert or swipe your customers MasterCard or Visa chip and PIN or magnetic stripe and PIN credit or debit card
    • Let your customer enter their PIN using the patented, world-first PIN entry method
    • Get instant feedback on the outcome of the payment
    • Have the option to e-mail or sms the customer’s receipt to them at no cost to you.
    • Registered Amex and Diners Club card merchants will also be able to accept Amex and Diners Club cards

    Please note that the Payment Pebble is only compatible with certain Android, iOS smartphones and tablets.

  • Features

    The Payment Pebble is simple to use, no fuss devices.

    New features

    The new and improved Payment Pebble™ now offers:

    • Chip and PIN and magnetic strip-and-PIN acceptance on both Visa and MasterCard® credit and debit cards
    • Tap ’n Go (contactless) card acceptance on both MasterCard® and Visa credit and debit enabled cards
    • Amex and Diners Club Card acceptance**
    • Full-colour OLED screen display
    • Backlight to improve visibility in various lighting conditions
    • An extended battery to support backlight and still provide 40 transactions when fully charged
    • Gorilla glass for Payment Pebble™ screen protection.

    Other features
    • Unique transaction reference function for easy reconciliation on a daily statement
    • Ability to provide a digital receipt to cardholders via email and/or SMS at no cost
    • Resending of receipts directly from the Payment Pebble™ app
    • Transaction history log protected with a supervisor PIN.

    **Only available to registered Amex and Diners Club merchants.

  • What it costs

    We’re offering an all-inclusive price on the Payment Pebble. You can have it all for a single monthly fee of R149 (excluding VAT) and transaction fee of 2.75% (excluding VAT) of the transaction value*.

    Payment Pebble

    Initial cost:

    • No device cost.
    • R200 initiation fee for the first Payment Pebble.
    • R100 initiation fee for each additional unit in the same order.

    Monthly fee:

    • R149 a month for 24 months.

    Transaction fees:

    • 2.75%
  • Compatible phones or tablets

    • Requires Android Software version 3.1 and above or iOS Software version 6 or above
    • Please refer to the attached pdf for a list of compatible phones/tablets

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