We help you develop a health strategy for your business and ensure your employees get the best health insurance deal.

Get expert advice
Get expert advice

We have extensive experience in the healthcare consulting environment, providing services to around 120 000 members.

Get excellent  service results
Get excellent service results 

Our experienced consultants are keen to establish long-term relationships built on trust and service excellence.

Reduce workload  of your HR department
Reduce workload of your HR department 

Our service offering enables us to reduce your business’ HR involvement in Medical Scheme-related matters through our billing system.

Improve your employees’ health benefits
 Improve your employees’ health benefits 

We ensure that your employees are on the correct health insurance option based on their needs and affordability. 


Here’s what we offer you

Strategy development                                      

We help you develop a healthcare strategy which includes:

  • In-depth health risk analysis
  • Employee benefit policy development, including benchmarking
  • Strategic communication
  • Ensures best practice with respect to health and wellness solutions
Intermediary services and products                          

We offer intermediary services and products which include:

  • An analysis of the employer’s unique health and wellness needs
  • Advice, protection and education in terms of the employer’s selected healthcare products and services (e.g. medical schemes) and complimentary insurance products, such as Gap Cover
  • Regular market reviews of healthcare products and services.
  • Support to employees and pensioners with medical scheme queries
Administration support                                        

We provide health administration support which includes:

  • Absa Health Care Consultants Helpdesk
  • Monthly billing reconciliation services
Health management solutions                               

We provide guidance on health management solutions, including:

  • Employee and Executive Health and Wellness Management
  • HIV/Aids Management
  • Absenteeism Management
  • Disability Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • International medical insurance

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