We pride ourselves in  providing objective, technical and well-researched advice on all aspects of employee benefits to boards of trustees, employers and members of retirement funds.

We provide objective advice
We provide objective advice

We provide objective,technical and well-researched advice on all aspects of employee benefits.           

Dedicated consultants at your service
Dedicated consultants at your service 

We assign dedicated consultants in accordance with fund and member needs.

Our solutions are customised
Our solutions are customised 

We offer customised solutions and consulting advice to tailored to suit the needs of employees and employers.

   Our consulting services include the following:

Benefit design

We offer tailor-made solutions and consulting advice to employers and boards of trustees regarding benefit structuring specifically tailored to suit the needs of employees and employers. This is founded on industry research and latest trends, as well as affordability for employers and employees. In addition, we can offer alternative products which provide relief from the costly fiduciary responsibility associated with a private fund via our Umbrella Product range.

Legal advice

Our advice on legislative changes which may impact on the fund and/or the employer is solid and trustworthy. Our standard legal services include the drafting of rules for submission to the relevant authorities as well as ongoing legal updates, keeping the various stakeholders informed at all times.

Market surveys

At Absa Consultants and Actuaries we conduct periodic market surveys to ensure best pricing and policy conditions pertaining to insured benefits. This means that our clients are assured that we are continually looking out for the employer’s and employees’ best interests regarding the provision of risk benefits, including service standards and premiums from insurers.

Investment advice

The gathering of sufficient retirement capital is largely dependent on the level of contributions made and the investment returns earned on those contributions. Our consultants can provide research concerning the investment environment applicable to retirement funds, offering you a regular review of the performance of the various vehicles available, as well as the performance achieved by the investment portfolios of the fund.

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