We offer world class administration services to suit your business’s unique retirement fund administration needs. You will benefit from our extensive experience in pension fund administration and professional services. 

We have extensive experience
We have extensive experience

We service 210 000 members, 130 Private Funds and 5 000 Umbrella Participation Employers.

Excellent service results
Excellent service results 

Our experienced administration teams deliver services of the highest quality.

Empower your HR department
Empower your HR department 

Our employer web services offering enables your business’ HR to be hands-on in managing your employees' pension fund admin.

Provide online services
Provide online services  

Make use of our online administration system. It's easy and safe to use.

Here’s what we offer you

Benefit payments and pensioner administration     

 We ensure that member benefit payments are executed :

  • In agreed turnaround times
  • Keep members informed of the claims progress via SMS
  • Manage tax applications and certificates with SARS
  • Provide online claims tracking services to employers
  • Manage and maintain unclaimed benefits
  • Manage the monthly pensioner payroll
  • Provide call centre services for pensioners
Member and Investment administration

We provide guidance on health management solutions, including:

  • Employee and Executive Health and Wellness Management
  •  HIV/Aids Management
  • Absenteeism Management
  • Disability Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • International medical insurance
Extensive fund reporting 

We offer extensive reporting on all our services which includes:

  • Reporting to trustees and fund members
  • Digital and interactive administration reports
  • Investment reporting including Regulation 28
  • South African Reserve Bank reporting
  • Complaints reporting
Administration support   

We provide administration support which includes:

  • Dedicated administration teams nationwide to support you with administration enquiries
  • Onsite employer training on administration processes, including web services
  •  Full data security and IT backup is provided by the resources of Barclays Africa Group
  •  An employee or member must undergo a strict registration process before access to the   system is allowed
  • A dedicated system administrator team is responsible for the set-up and maintenance of all access privileges
  • The disaster recovery procedures are part of Absa’s production environment
Member and employer online access

Here’s what our online platform can do for you:

  • Members can view their fund information, do quotations, update beneficiary details  and switch between portfolios online
  • The system supports Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit funds
  • Employers can supply payroll data directly on the system and accommodate electronic interfaces
  • Employers can initiate and track claims
  • Employers can access customised reports
  • Access Absa Retirement Funds Online

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