Our team of experienced actuarial consultants will ensure you get exceptional and professional service for all your employee benefit needs.

Team of experts to help you
Team of experts to help you 

Our team of highly qualified and experienced actuarial consultants will help you with all your actuarial needs.

Excellent  service results
Excellent service results

We provide a long-term relationship built on trust and service excellence with your business.

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

We have the best international systems as well as in-house designed tools to perform the services we deliver.

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Retirement funds

Our services comprise:

  •  Performing annual and statutory actuarial valuations
  • Analysis of the asset/liability profile of funds
  • Advice on the allocation of surpluses or shortfalls
  • Independent check on accuracy of administration systems
  • Advice on member and pensioner benefits
  • Disclosure requirement in terms of the various accounting standards
  • Certification of rules and amendments for financial soundness
  • Certification of valuation exemption for funds
  • Advice with regard to reinsurance of risk benefits
  • Advice and funding of the cost of non-retirement employee benefits.
Absa Health Care

Absa Actuarial Health Care allows employers and employees to achieve their full potential, effectively managing and balancing health and wellness in the workplace and the cost thereof. We provide the following services:

  • Calculation of employers’ liabilities with regard to medical scheme subsidies, annuity fund status, rewards programme funding status, long-service awards, telephone expenses and other future obligations, including:

             o   Restructuring of liabilities

             o   Advice and implementation of the reduction and management of the actuarial liabilities

             o   Valuation of pre-funding values

             o   Claims and expense analyses

             o   Undertaking healthcare surveys and market reviews

  •        Development of models, reports and other consulting tools
  •       Actuarial consulting to medical schemes, including:

            o   Pricing, budget setting and benefit design

            o   Long-term funding

            o   Industry and intermediary reviews

  • Actuarial valuation of the embedded value of a business involving the actuarial value of the business due to new business secured with projected income generation

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