Our Absa Islamic Business Account is fully Shari’ah compliant and helps you manage your funds, from using the traditional branch banking footprint to using advanced electronic services.

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Get personalised attention

When you get your Absa Islamic Banking Account we give you personal attention through a dedicated banker plus an experienced financial adviser committed to offering a total business banking experience.

Get a total banking experience

We give you a full banking experience with access to a range of electronic banking channels that enable you to do single and batch transactions.

Free access to business value adds

You get value adding offerings: switching service, concierge service and business legal advice at no cost.

Get free access to Enterprise Development Centers

When you get an Absa Islamic Business Account you also get access to Enterprise Development Centers where you can receive assistance, advice and support to build and grow your business.

How to get it and what you can expect

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Documents required
  • Identity book/Smart card ID (per business member/individual member and/or director)
  • Proof of address (per business member/individual member and or director)
  • Proof of physical address of business (if absent, an affidavit is required for a sole proprietor)
  • Company Registration documents (except for a sole proprietor)
  • Company Resolution (where more than one signatory on the account is applicable)
What it costs
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Account features
  • Debit card: to assist with the day-to-day transacting requirements. Multiple debit cards can be issued per signatory on the account with an option to personalise
  • Transacting channels: 24hr access to electronic transacting channels for immediate access to funds
  • Statements: choice to receive statements via post or email
  • Cheque book: available if required with an option to personalise
  • Multiple accounts: No limit to a number of business accounts to open per entity
  • One account for life: The existing account number is retained when changing between current accounts
  • Block debit orders: Option exists should you want debit orders to be blocked to protect your funds
  • Transfer charges: If you have multiple accounts, you can transfer fees to another Absa current account in your name/profile for centralised reporting

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