When you get our travel insurance you travel with the peace of mind knowing you’re covered against the unforeseen. We have several options to choose from and each comes with unique benefits.

You get Automatic Travel Insurance
You get Automatic Travel Insurance

Enjoy Automatic Travel Insurance cover when you charge the full cost of a return international ticket to your card or card account.

You get Automatic Travel Insurance
Emergency medical cover

We cover emergency, medical and associated costs of seeing a doctor, being hospitalised, medical evacuation and repatriation.

Get access to assistance services
Get access to assistance service

We can assist you when you lose your travel documents, when you need urgent legal advice or accommodation, among other services.

Get access to assistance services
Get discounted premiums

You get discounted premiums for couples, families, friends and groups travelling together.

Get discounted premiums
Optional Top-up Cover

This cover gives you comprehensive travel insurance plus a host of added benefits.

What you get and what you can expect

we provide the following service
Automatic cover

Benefits include:

  • Emergency medical and associated expenses which covers:
    • Costs of seeing a doctor
    • Hospitalisation
    • Medical evacuation
    • Repatriation
  • Commercial card accident cover
    • You get financial protection against disability and death, protecting you and those who depend on you against mishaps
  • Absa travel assistance – a helpline service available 24 hours a day. The service provides access to various assistance services including:
    • Transmission of urgent messages
    • Legal assistance, embassy referral
    • Emergency travel and accommodation requirements
    • Assistance when you lose your travel documents
we offer the following benefits
Optional Top-up Cover

How it works

  • This consists of two comprehensive travel insurance packages to suit your needs, and is valid for trips of up to 90 or 120 days
  • Rates are calculated according to the following age bands:
    • 3 months to 69 years of age (inclusive)
    • 70 years to 74 years (inclusive)
  • These comprehensive offers include: additional cover for emergency medical and associated expenses, personal accident insurance, trip cancellation/curtailment, baggage loss/theft, legal expenses, hi-jack and wrongful detention and personal loss of money or passport, as outlined in your policy
  • Extended cover can also be purchased for trips of up to 184 days

See our Optional Top-up Cover premiums

  • 3 months - 69 years

      1 - 90 days 91 - 120 days 121 - 184 days Multi-trip
    Option 1        
    Individual R845 R1 645 R2 140 R1 819
    Couple R761 R1 481 R1 926
    R1 637
    Family/Friends R718 R1 398 R1 819 R1 546
    R676 R1 316 R1 712 R1 455
    Option 2        
    Individual R635 R1 230 R2 140 R1 364
    Couple R572 R1 107 R1 445 R1 228
    Family/Friends R540 R1 046 R1 364 R1 160
    Group R508 R1 984 R1 284 R1 091
  • 70 years - 74 years

      1 - 90 days 91 - 120 days 121 - 184 days Multi-trip
    Option 1        
    Individual R1 060 R2 060 R2 675 R2 408
    Couple R1 007 R1 957 R2 541 R2 287
    Family/Friends R981 R1 906 R2 474 R2 227
    R954 R1 854 R2 408 R2 167
    Option 2        
    Individual R795 R1 540 R2 010 R1 809
    Couple R755 R1 463 R1 910 R1 719
    Family/Friends R735 R1 425 R1 859 R1 673
    Group R716 R1 386 R1 809 R1 628

How to apply

we offer the following benefits
Applying for Commercial Card Travel Insurance

Contact us at: 0861 227 284 Or email us at absatravel@brytesa.com

we offer the following benefits
Contact us in an emergency

In the event of a medical emergency please contact the Emergency Assistance Helpline on:

+1 416 977 9288

Please ensure you have the following information at hand:

  • Travel Insurance Policy Number (if Optional Top-Up Cover has been bought) or the credit card number used to buy the airline tickets
  • Current location
  • Contact telephone number where you can be reached
  • Nature of the emergency
  • Type of assistance required    

*Please note that if the insured person named in the schedule does not contact the Emergency Assistance Helpline before incurring any expenses they may want to claim for our liability which will be limited to a maximum of R2 000.


we offer the following benefits

For medical out- patient and inconvenience benefit claims e.g. cancellation, loss of baggage etc contact

  • 011 370 9205

For Emergency medical claims and assistance contact WTP

  • +1 416 977 9288

Or email us at:

need more help

Need more help?

Call us on:

0861 227 284