We’ve partnered with Taxback International to help you with any value added tax (VAT) issue, from registrations to foreign tax recovery.


Safeguard yourself against losses
Safeguard yourself against losses

We’ll help protect you against tax losses while still maintaining full control of your foreign VAT recovery process.

Increase your cash flow
Increase your cash flow

Increase your cash flow by submitting VAT claims in quarterly periods.

Increase your cash flow
One-stop VAT service offering

The VAT services we offer meet the needs of companies of all sizes – from sole proprietors seeking once-off registrations to global enterprises that require training.

Increase your cash flow
Reduced overseas costs

Claim your foreign VAT and reduce your international costs.

What you get and what you can expect

we provide the following service
We provide the following services
  • VAT registration
  • VAT training and consultancy
  • VAT refunds from 16 countries
  • State-of-the-art online education zone
  • Instant online Live Chat facility
  • On-demand, web-based reporting
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT compliance
  • Multilingual service
we offer the following benefits
  • Reduced overseas costs by reclaiming foreign VAT
  • Increased cash flow by submitting VAT claims in quarterly periods
  • Access to competitive pricing options – Access to competitive pricing options for Corporate Card, P-Card and Business Card holders
  • A contingency pricing policy: no refund, no fee
  • Maximised reclaim by carrying out valuable data analysis using our proprietary software, quickly and effectively identifying the VAT-recovery opportunity from data for your clients
  • One-stop VAT service offering
  • Access to high-end online tracking and educational resources
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