Our primary objective is to maximize commercial value from third-party spend. This is achieved by sourcing cost-effective goods and services from reliable third party suppliers and service providers without compromising on quality, service delivery and appropriate technical standards. 

Supplier Development Sector

SD lending requirements:

  • Black owned QSE or EME
  • Annual Turnover ≤ R50m
  • Three (3) year Signed Contract with Absa or a Corporate.

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Banking Operations 


  • Logistics
  • Document Management
  • Consumer Data
  • Cash
  • Card Services

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Corporate Services


  • CRES (Corporate Real Estate)
  • MCR (Marketing & Corporate Relations
  • HR (Human Resources)

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Professional Services and Market Data


  • Market Data
  • Connectivity Services
  • Trader Voice Services
  • IT Resources 

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Engineering Services:


  • Software
  • Hardware 
  • Security
  • IT Services
  • Telco

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Africa Regional Operations


  • Enterprise Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Security
  • IT Services
  • Market Data
  • CRES
  • Data Centre Services
  • End-user Computing
  • Professional Services
  • Travel

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  • Supplier Diversity

    What we offer?

    • Access to development finance
    • Access to markets
    • Business development support

    Our Group Procurement Process and Requirements?

    • BBBEE Compliant i.e. BO ≥ 51% ;BWO ≥ 31% and Level 1 to Level 3
    • RFX will be issued electronically via our new ERP system
    • SME’s will be able to log on this ERP system to check for new opportunities

    What Dashboard or Databases are available for SMME’s registration?

    • We have four Enterprise Development centres across South Africa, which are hubs for emerging SMEs to receive training, access computers and boardrooms and benefit from networking opportunities.
    • We also have two Enterprise Development offices which provide advice and training, as well as the Absa StartUp store based in the Tshimologong Precinct, 41 Juta Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
    • For further information please contact one of the ED centres  email ED@absa.co.za or click here.
    • The SME’s will be able to engage with Commodity Specialist directly for business opportunities. SD lending opportunities are capped at Prime minus Prime interest rate

    What Small Business support Programs are available?

    We provide the following non-financial support depending on the SMEs varying needs:

    • Business and financial management training on a variety of topics
    • Business mentorship to assist SMEs to grow their businesses
  • Supplier Development Value added services for SMME’s

    We assist emerging Black small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa to grow and prosper through various Supplier Diversity (SD) initiatives. These initiatives contribute to the wider National Agenda to promote a thriving SME sector that enables economic and social development in the country.

    • Absa SMME (QSE’s and EME’s) Preferential Payment terms

    QSE (Qualifying Small Entity) and EME (Exempted Micro Enterprises)

    (Qualification criteria)

    1.      SMME Supplier Qualification criteria

    1.1    BBBEE Compliance:

    SMME (Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise) suppliers must provide the following in order to qualify for early payment terms:

    1.1.1  Valid BBBEE rating certificate of Level 3 to Level 1 BBBEE rating, verification must have been done against the latest audited financial period e.g. the financial period prior to the current financial period

    1.1.2  Black ownership (Black- owned) of greater or equal to 51%

    1.1.3  Black Woman ownership (Black Woman Owned) of greater or equal to 31% or

    1.1.4  Black-empowered enterprise of greater or equal to 25.1%


    2.       Exempt Micro Enterprises & Qualifying Small Enterprises:

    Exempt Micro Enterprises & Qualifying Small Enterprises:



    Turnover Threshold Black Ownership BEE Recognition Level Audit requirement

    Less Than R10m per annum

    (Previously R5m)

    100% 1 Affidavit
    >51% but <100% 2 Affidavit
    0% but <51% 4 Affidavit



    Turnover Threshold Black Ownership BEE Recognition Level Audit requirement

    More than R10m but less than R50m per annum

    (Previously R5m to R35m)

    100% 1 Affidavit
    >51% but <100% 2 Affidavit
    0% but <51% Based on Audit Outcome QSE Scorecard

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