Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals

Struggling to reconcile payments made at the till with your inventory levels? Are your accounts out-of-date because the information from the tills and ledgers are not matching up?

A Point-of-Sale (POS) system from Absa could be the answer. Cards are the preferred method of payment for millions of consumers worldwide; so no business can afford not to accept the most convenient and secure method of payment.

POS systems allow you to link the various tasks performed at the point-of-sale - the physical location where the customer will pay for your goods and services - with the other essential parts of your business. It can keep track of your stock, inform you which products are more popular and integrate with industry-standard accounting software products like QuickBooks.

The peripherals or terminals of a POS system aid transactions by enabling your employee to simply swipe or insert a customer’s card or input its details - managing the rest of the transaction themselves. Absa POS terminals enables you to process a variety of cards used in the retail environment quickly and easily.

For assistance with your Absa POS terminal, please read more about Authorisation. If you would like a mobile POS system, perhaps the Mobile Pay Express service is what you are looking for.

A POS System could be the right choice if you:

  • Want to process customers purchases and service payments efficiently
  • Would like your inventory control and accounting linked automatically to the day-to-day transactions that happen at your POS; thereby allowing easy reconciliation
  • Want immediate access to marketing information, such as which brands of products your clients prefer
  • Want access to peripherals, including barcode scanners and credit card readers
  • Want instant online authorisation of funds, saving you time

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