Authorisation Services

Do you need to verify that the card your customer is presenting has enough funds to cover the purchase? Does the sale exceed your floor limit? Are you worried that the card has been registered as lost or stolen? Absa’s unique credit card authorisation process can help in any of these instances.

Absa Authorisation Services provide two easy means to authorise a payment with a credit card: using an Absa Point of Sale (POS) terminal or contacting them directly.

POS Authorisation
Absa’s Point - of - Sale (POS) terminals are set up to automatically seek authorisation when required and even to perform random authorisation checks to ensure that the system is working correctly. When you use an Absa POS, you will either be given the authorisation code, be instructed to call the authorisation centre or receive a ‘Declined code 05’ message, at which point the customer will need to contact their bank directly.

Telephonic Authorisation
You can also contact Absa Authorisation Services directly to authorise a payment. After dialling the relevant number for the presented credit card, the operator will ask you a series of questions - including what the store’s merchant number is - and then provide you with the authorisation code needed to complete the transaction.

Code 10
If you have serious doubts about the transaction, the card holder or the card, you should contact us immediately and quote the call as a ‘Code 10’. This will alert the operator to your suspicions, but not the customer or card holder in question. The operator will then guide you through the questions in a manner that does not arouse suspicions or put you at unnecessary risk and advise you of what actions you should take.

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