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Are you keen to set up a medical aid scheme for your employees, but not sure what would be best for your business? Are you struggling to deal with regularly absent employees or the impact HIV and HIV/AIDS is having on productivity? Absa Health Care Consultants understand the diverse range of health-related challenges to deal with when growing a small business and offer a comprehensive range of services to help you effectively manage health and wellness within the workplace.

Absa Health Care Consultants offer advisory, communication, management and administrative services that free you to focus on running your business while ensuring the health and wellness of your employees.

Absa Health Care Consultants could be the right choice if you:

  • Want to set up a medical aid scheme for your employees
  • Would like to improve employee wellness and workplace productivity
  • Would like to develop a health and wellness strategy for your business
  • Would like to focus on running your business and not your medical aid scheme
What you get?
  • Absenteeism Management Solutions — analysis, monthly monitoring and planning, as well as training managers to be able to review sick certificates and adequately debrief absent employees
  • Actuarial Integrated Risk Analysis and Reporting — determine the effectiveness and ROI on your implemented health and wellness programmes
  • Aids Management Solutions — HIV and HIV/AIDS is one of the health issues facing South African employers today. Voluntary counselling and testing programmes, workshops, surveys which help you tailor solutions towards your employees’ risk profiles and management programmes will help you get the best solution, while addressing negative stereotypes surrounding the disease
  • Consulting Services to Medical Schemes — we help medical aids remain current and relevant to employers and businesses through a range of consultative and strategic services
  • Health Care and Corporate Wellness Strategy Development — developing an integrated health and wellness programme for employees is a difficult task. Let us assist you with developing your strategy going forward
  • Intermediary Services — if you want a medical aid scheme, but don’t know what is best for your business, Absa Health Care Consultants will analyse your needs and select a medical scheme or health risk product that is affordable, protects your employees and is easily understandable
  • Medical Aid Member Administration Services — a software solution that integrates with your existing accounting system and provides quick and easy medical aid administration
  • Member Communication — ensure that your carefully implemented health programmes and employee benefits are not being wasted by raising awareness of the benefits and services the company medical scheme provides
  • Post Retirement Health Care Liabilities — we are in a position to cater for every need that you may have regarding valuation and management of post-retirement health care liability

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