Working Capital

No matter what the economic circumstances are, having available working capital and a steady cash flow is absolutely vital, as it allows your company to grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

Absa’s Working Capital Solutions go above and beyond the traditional (and sometimes expensive) overdraft facility. For example, a working capital facility could be provided on the basis of a company’s stock or the quality of its debtors’ book.

We study our customers’ unique cash flow needs and design the most appropriate solution accordingly – from stock-funding to invoice-discounting, to loans against import/export orders, or factoring.

When it comes to invoice-discounting, for instance, Absa will advance as much as 80% of the value of an invoice based on the strength of a client’s debtors, once the work has been completed and the goods have been delivered.

We’re on hand to enter into three-way supplier-chain agreements that ensure our clients are able to pay their essential suppliers promptly – and our systems make this a simple and efficient process.

What you get?
  • Immediate access to funds up to 80% of your existing owed debt
  • Factoring, since we take over the responsibility of debt collection on your behalf, providing you a ready injection of cash based on a discounted portion on the actual amount owed
    • Export & Import Factoring - we are able to offer capital financing up to 80% for exporters and importers with total credit protection
  • Invoice Discounting gives you the ability to obtain secured funding while only paying interest on the loaned amount, equal to the prime rate

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