Savings Call Account

A straight - forward savings account that enables you to earn interest on your balance

Risk Amount Term
Low R 1,000 Instant

As a small business savings account, the following transactions are not available - payments, point of sale or prepaid purchases, and stop or debit orders.

What you get?

  • Interest based on your balance and adjusted in line with market rates
  • On-demand access to the funds in your account
  • A debit card, should you need one
  • The guarantee of your full capital amount
  • The ability to cede the funds in this account as security
  • Payment of accumulated interest monthly into your account or elsewhere if you like

 The right choice if you:

  • Are a small business owner who wants to earn market-related interest on funds of more than R1 000
  • Already have a current account for daily banking transactions
  • Would like your saved funds to be available on demand 
  • Want the full capital amount in your saving account to be guaranteed

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