Fleet Card

A flexible way of paying for all the costs associated with the maintenance of your fleet

Qualifying Criteria
  • One card for each vehicle
  • Limited maintenance options
  • Reduce and manage operating costs
  • Limits the use of cash 
  • Individual statements

Does your small business use a fleet of vehicles, however big or small? Would you like to streamline the operating costs of running this fleet? When you apply for Absa's Fleet Card, you get access to a flexible way of paying for all the costs associated with the maintenance of your fleet.

The Fleet Card is an efficient way to manage the costs of running your fleet, whether it consists of one vehicle or twenty. It allows you to use one method of payment to pay for the different costs associated with your vehicles. You can choose from the maintenance options for fuel, fuel and toll or fuel, toll and maintenance.

Each card issued on the central account and is vehicle-specific, meaning that it can only be used to service the particular vehicle that has its registration printed on the card. This protects you from fraud as merchants are prohibited from servicing the vehicle unless the registration matches and, if there is a discrepancy on your statements, Absa Fleet Services will call in a dedicated investigative team to process your query.

A Fleet Card could be the right choice if you:

  • Operate a fleet of vehicles and are currently paying cash for all of its expenses
  • Would like to reduce the operating costs of your fleet, as well as of your small business
  • Want cards that are vehicle-specific and cannot be used fraudulently
  • Would like regular and detailed statements that show you the payments and deposits made on each individual card
What you get?
  • A fleet card account that you can use to pay for all of the expenses related to the maintenance of your vehicles
  • Vehicle-specific cards
  • Monthly statements that detail the amounts spent and deposited on each card, as well as the totals for the central account
  • A dedicated investigation team that will be called in if discrepancies are reported
  • Efficient customer services staff who will be able to answer each of your queries

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What it Costs

Pay the full outstanding amount each month

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