Purchasing Credit Card

A convenient, uncomplicated way of managing your day-to-day sundry business expenses

Qualifying Criteria
  • Used on behalf of company
  • Limited interest free days
  • Can be used internationally
  • Helps manage company expenses

Fleet Card

A flexible way of paying for all the costs associated with the maintenance of your fleet

Qualifying Criteria
  • One card for each vehicle
  • Limited maintenance options
  • Reduce and manage operating costs
  • Limits the use of cash 
  • Individual statements

Business Gold Credit Card

Pay for everything, from large expenses to daily sundries and low-value items, anywhere in the world

Qualifying Criteria
  • One main business account
  • Individual employee accounts
  • Limited interest-free days
  • Itemised statements
  • Worldwide acceptance

Business Card

Enjoy the convenience of managing your daily business expenses with an Absa Business Card

Qualifying Criteria
  • Used on behalf of company
  • You can make a single monthly payment to Absa
  • There is no need to control employee spending, as each card has an individual credit limit
  • As the cardholder, you are alerted by SMS or email notifications of any transactions performed
  • Absa pays suppliers once a valid payment instruction has been received – thus strengthening relationships
  • You are allowed up to 55 days interest free
  • Balances on individual cards ‘roll up’ to the main account when statements are produced
  • Billing takes place at the Consolidated Account Level
  • You receive Automatic Travel Insurance cover, provided that the full travel ticket is purchased on the Business Card
  • You can use ATMs, Point of Sale terminals and make online purchases, both locally and internationally
  • You can also link to a Garage Card; for easy payment of fuel, oil parts and any company vehicle related expenses

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