Small Business Support Centre

Do you have an idea for a small business, but don’t know how to begin putting it into practice? Do you already have a thriving small business that you would like to grow and expand? Whether you are just starting out in business or having been running for several years, contact Absa’s Small Business Support Centre to make an appointment with a qualified Business Manager for relevant advice that will help you survive, succeed and grow.

With Absa’s Small Business Support Centre you no longer have to wait in a queue of other clients to speak to a Business Manager. You can simply call the Small Business Support Centre number to book an appointment. The Support Centre is open from 07:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays.

A Small Business Support Centre could be the right choice if you:

  • Have an idea for a small business, and would like to speak to a qualified banker
  • Are the owner of a small business and want to know how best to grow it
  • Want sound financial advice about available business opportunities and cost-effective business banking products
  • Would like to find out about how you can streamline your business’s banking
What you get?
  • Access to your Business Manager simply by picking up the phone
  • Ability to book an appointment at your branch so you don’t have to queue
  • Support for your small business
  • A good relationship with your Business Manager and your bank

Contact Support Centre
  • Call us on
    0860 040 302
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