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Need access to enterprise opportunities?

Through our Procurement Portal, suppliers of all sizes and industry sectors can register, create a company profile and promote their business. Corporate buyers who use the portal can use the advanced search tools to filter accredited suppliers by specific region, industry, company size and empowerment profile.

Registration and interaction between Big Business and SMMEs take place on an independent website and subscriptions and costs are managed by Supply Chain Network (SCNet). If you are a premium registered supplier, you will receive daily notifications of all public leads and tenders issued, which match the business keywords included in your company profile.

You only have to maintain your company profile in one place for multiple corporates to access. Value-add services and enterprise development tools are just some of the other benefits you can enjoy.

How it works

  • Suppliers of all sizes, industries and profiles will have to register all their business information on the portal
  • Corporate buyers who use the portal can search for accredited suppliers in a specific region, industry, and profile
  • Registration and interaction will take place on the procurement portal, which is an independent website. Subscription contracts and costs are managed by SCNet, and are detailed on that site.
  • Registered suppliers will receive daily notifications of all public leads and tenders issued for the commodities they have registered for
The Procurement Portal could be right for your business if you:
  • Want to profile your business’ visibility to corporate business
  • Would like the ability to list your goods and services in an online catalogue
  • Need access to funding on conclusion of contracts via the portal
  • Want to electronically receive tenders
  • Would like to use this platform to receive electronic Requests for Quotes (RFQs) and to submit electronic invoices
The Procurement Portal could be right for corporate buyers who:
  • See the advantage of having a single point of access to validated and verified small and medium business suppliers
  • Need to be able to search for suppliers according to different criteria – profile, women-owned status, BEE rating, industry, and location
  • Prefer to find suppliers electronically and interact with them electronically
  • Would like to comply with or improve their BBBEE scorecard

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