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Absa is committed to addressing the unemployment and poverty challenges faced by many South Africans. With over 12 million South Africans reliant on small and medium-sized businesses for their livelihoods, more focus needs to be placed on the growth and development of these businesses.

The Enterprise Development (ED) business unit within Absa aims to create and promote entrepreneurship to ultimately contribute towards job creation and the sustainability of small and medium-sized businesses. The Enterprise Development unit has a greater vision, which also involves taking a view on future clients. This provides an understanding of what needs to be done to attract, grow and retain these clients and also to assist them to overcome any possible challenges they may be confronted with. By investing in our clients, Absa Enterprise Development is changing the South African business landscape, one entrepreneur at a time.

Absa is the largest investment for Barclays outside the United Kingdom, with various Absa initiatives supporting the Barclays vision. In support of the Barclays Citizenship Strategy, Absa Enterprise Development aims to demonstrate the ways in which Barclays intends to make and is making citizenship real for all stakeholders, customers, clients, colleagues, communities, shareholders and other opinion formers.

Our focus to date has seen a notable inclusion in the Barclays Africa mid-year results, and the launch of the SME procurement portal has been established to provide SMEs with a link to the procurement activities of large corporates. With the total pipeline of projects on the go, the target is set for more innovative and first to market solutions to improve overall revenue. A further focus is that of creating value add solutions for our clients with the procurement portal being part of the package. A commitment to our parent organisation is for Enterprise Development to champion the way ahead when it comes to SME development in Africa.

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