Enterprise Development Centres

Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea, but don’t know where to get started? Or do you already own a business, and need assistance with moving to the next level?

Walk in to an Enterprise Development Centre and receive assistance, advice and support to build and grow your business into a successful and sustainable operation.

Enterprise Development Centres could be right if you:

  • Need assistance with the creation and review of business plans and cash flow projections
  • Would like guidance on business registration regulations, forms and documents requirements to start and register a business
  • Would like the opportunity to develop your skills through invitations to workshops, seminars and networking opportunities
  • Require classroom based mentorship
  • Need facilitation of funding via the Khula Guarantee Scheme and or the Small and Medium Enterprise Fund
What you get?
  • Access to skills development services through partnerships with alliance partners
  • Assistance in accessing financial products and services
    Opportunities to develop a sustainable and competitive business through training interventions, workshops and access to relevant business information
  • A structured environment that fosters and supports entrepreneurs

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