Business Cellphone Banking

Do you want to be able to make everyday business banking transactions while on the move? When you have a busy day of meetings planned, Absa's Business Cellphone Banking allows you to carry out routine banking transactions using the one item you never leave home without.

With Business Cellphone Banking, your cellphone screen is your window to your bank accounts and you can do more than just recharge prepaid airtime and check your balances. You can also pay accounts, transfer funds between your accounts, send money through CashSend to anybody with a cellphone, send a notice of payment by SMS, fax or email and have a statement emailed or faxed to an address or number of your choice.

Business Cellphone Banking is ideal when you don’t have a computer nearby and, if you are an existing Business Internet Banking customer, there is no monthly fee, making this payment channel one of the most convenient and cost-effective for your business.

You can access Cellphone Banking via the internet, where you login to our secure Cellphone Banking site using your account number, user number and pin, and begin transacting.

Business Cellphone Banking could be right for your business if you:

  • Are often on the move
  • Want a convenient and cost-effective banking option for your small business
  • Would like to check your account balances, request statements and make payments without having to wait in line at a branch
  • Would like to verify whether payments have been made into your account on time
  • Always have your cellphone handy
Did You Know?
You are able to cede the funds in your Savings Call Account as security.

What you get?
  • Account Payments, pay anything, from your clothing to your water and electricity accounts. You can even pay your accounts when you are commuting to and from work or are out of the country
  • Inter-account Transfers, move money between any of your linked portfolio accounts, e.g. savings, credit card and cheque accounts. This is especially useful for accessing money for those must-have items on short notice
  • Once-off Payments to pay anybody from your cellphone without having to create a beneficiary
  • Prepaid Airtime, top up your own or an employee’s airtime directly from your cellphone. You never have to buy a physical prepaid top-up voucher again
  • Proof of Payments, send a proof of payment to yourself or a beneficiary when making a payment
  • Statements via Fax or Email, request a statement via fax or email. You can specify the number of days you require the statement for
  • View Account Balances, monitor the flow of funds in and out of your accounts, while at the office, in a meeting or on your way home from work
  • View Statements and confirm that your municipal account has been paid and avoid being stuck without water and electricity at the end of the month
  • Pay Traffic Fines conveniently pay any traffic fines you incur and receive proof-of-payment.


How to register
  • Visit
  • Select "Cellphone Banking Logon"

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What it Costs

No monthly fee, pay for transactions

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