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Your business has unique needs and your digital banking solutions should reflect that. With Absa Online for Business you can create a profile that is custom-made to meet the requirements of your business

What you can manage
  • You get to create and manage your details such as your personal, contact and employment information
  • Manage your access account number. This is the current-, savings- or credit card account number you selected as your log on account when you registered for online banking
  • Link/unlink accounts to Absa only for all your accounts, share trading and Absa Investment Management Services accounts
  • Manage the main users and operators by viewing their details and logged history. The main user is the owner of the system or his assignee. This person has access to all functions and accounts linked to the profile. An operator is any person assigned by a main user to perform certain tasks on the main user’s behalf on the Absa Online for Business service
  • More than one user can be loaded onto an Absa Online-profile. The user number you are assigned upon registration of the service should be used when logging on to the service. If you are the 1st user you will be user number 1 and if you are the second user your number will be 2 and so on
  • Manage the transactional authorisation on your accounts, this is the process by with which a main user approves financial transactions created by another main user or operator
    • Improve control of movement of funds from your business and segregate functions within your business by setting authorisation levels
    • Employees at your business can be set up as operators (meaning certain functions such as payments can be setup but not processed)
    • Up to 2 main users can be set up who will have full access to perform any function and authorise transactions done by an operator before these are processed
Manage your security and notifications
  • Your security is of paramount importance to us and it is crucial to manage your PIN, Password and SurePhrase responsibly
  • Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number. You have to choose this number yourself when you register for Absa Online for Business. This is a numeric only number and it could be 4 or 5 digits long. You will have to key in the PIN every time you log on
  • To change your PIN it still has to be valid and you will be able to create a new PIN online, but if you forgot or revoked your PIN you will have to visit your branch with your Combi card and ID book and choose a new PIN
  • If you have transaction limits and are able to perform financial transactions on Absa Online for Business the system will request you to capture a Password online. You will be required to key in this Password every time you log on
  • To change your Password it still has to be valid for you to create a new Password online, but if you forgot or revoked your Password you will have to visit your branch with your Combi card and ID book and request the reset of the Password
  • Absa Online for Business limits apply to inter-account transfers, payments and stop orders. Limits are part of the overall security on Absa Online for Business. If you set these limits you will only be able transfer money and make payments within these limits and your account balance on a daily basis. When you register online you will have access to all basic enquiries but you have to visit a branch with your ATM card and ID book to set limits in order to transact
  • View and manage NotifyMe settings for your linked accounts

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