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Absa Online internet banking

Explore a new way of banking with our innovative new online banking solution

Absa Online internet banking

We understand that no one likes change – especially when that change relates to their hard-earned cash and how they manage it. Sometimes, change is good – especially when it means that not only is it easier to manage your money; it is more secure too.

Internet banking security just pulled out the Big Guns

Keeping you and your money is important to us – and we take internet banking security seriously. With the new Absa Online internet banking service, we have brought out the big guns, and have incorporated new features that spoofers and phishers can’t duplicate or imitate – keeping your information even more secure than ever before.

This means that it is not just about your PIN anymore. We have multiple ways to identify you – ensuring that only authenticated individuals can access your accounts – including One Time PINS (sent to your cellphone), SMS logon alerts, SurePhrase verification, and a full logon history.

Talk to us privately via Secure Messaging

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also launching a unique Secure Messaging system within Absa Online - so if you ever need help or have a burning question, you can quickly open up two-way communication with us directly; risk free, spam free and worry free!

You won’t be asked to change any information

If anyone asks you to change any of your logon details – don’t. They are more than likely trying to phish for your access information. We will not ask you to change anything to change over to Absa Online internet banking.

  • You will not have to re-register for internet banking. If you were previously registered, you will be registered now. Do not respond to emails asking you to register or to confirm your details
  • You will not have to re-link your accounts or re-capture beneficiaries. Everything will be updated for you in the new system
  • All access information (such as your access account, user number, PIN, password, RVN and SurePhrase) will all remain the same. You will never be asked to change them, or to confirm them to access your account. If anyone approaches you via phone, email or SMS, please report the incidents to our Security Centre

Will I leave the old internet banking website?

Yes – if you click on the link to try out Absa Online, a new window will open and the page you had open will automatically close for security reasons.

Can I access the old system?

If you want to use the old internet banking, you will be able to do so for the next month.

Go ahead and try it out, or register today if you haven’t experienced internet banking before!

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