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When making CashSend payments for goods and services via Internet or Cellphone Banking, or at an ATM or self service kiosk, it is important to confirm the validity of what you are about to pay for.

CashSend: send and receive money quickly and easily

CashSend makes sending and receiving money quick and easy – even if the person you are sending to doesn’t have a bank account. Absa customers can transfer cash from their own cheque or savings account to anyone around the country – where the recipient can withdraw the cash using a reference number and access code (sent via SMS).

Beware of fraud: always confirm the validity of your transaction

Although CashSend is convenient, it is always safer to make sure that the service provider is legitimate before making payment via CashSend. Fraudsters have been known to request CashSend payments for goods or services – and the victim only realises later that they have been scammed. By then, the criminal has already made off with the money.

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