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Individual Rates & Fees

Transactional Rates & Fees

Our range of dynamic cheque and debit card accounts provide you with comprehensive individual banking solutions that suit your unique requirements, offered at very competitive rates and fees
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Credit Card Rates & Fees

We offer you a diverse range of credit cards that have been designed to suit your individual requirements, and are paired with a range of flexible fee structures to suit your pocket

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Value Bundles Rates & Fees

With Value Bundles we offer you a selection of transactions free of charge as part of your month fee. When you’ve used up all the free transactions, you will only pay the standard fee per transaction. Unused transactions will roll over and discounts apply for positive balances.

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Packaged Solutions Rates & Fees

Each of our packaged solutions is an inclusive banking offering that is dedicated to accommodating your unique needs, all in one package – provided at highly competitive and affordable rates and fees

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Private Banking Rates & Fees

Private Banking offers you comprehensive and flexible solutions with exceptional value-adds, all with the help of your Absa Private Banker as a single point of entry

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Savings & Investing Rates & Fees

We are committed to helping you increase your wealth with our wide range of saving and investing products; and offer competitive rates and fees to help in achieving your goals

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Home Loans Rates & Fees

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life – but hidden costs can cripple you monthly; which is why we have a highly transparent rates and fees structure

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Anytime Anywhere Rates & Fees

We offer many ways to do your banking, either telephonically or electronically and each has a different pricing option

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Insuring Rates & Fees

Automatic travel insurance when buying international return travel tickets can be  topped up with a number of options for additional cover

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Absa Rewards Rates & Fees

As an Absa Rewards member, you will earn Cash Rewards every time you use your Absa debit, credit or cheque card when shopping at any of the Absa Rewards Partners.

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Business Credit Card Rates and Fees

Business Credit Card Fees
What it costs

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Business Credit Card Interest Rates

Effective from 27 July 2012

Interest rates for all business credit card agreements

All interest rates are per annum and subject to discretionary changes.

Card type Debit
Purchases and garage
Business Electronic 15% 0.2%
Business Silver 15% 0.2%
Corporate/Travel 14% 0.2%
Purchases 14% 0.2%
Card type Debit Credit
  < R10 000 > R10 000  
Business Gold 16% 15% 0.2%

You receive the benefit of up to 55 days interest-free on purchases (excluding cash withdrawals, casino transactions, Internet Banking transfers, fuel purchases on garage card and budget plan purchases), where all outstanding balances on the credit card account were fully paid by the due dates. Terms and conditions apply.

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