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It's all calm water ahead with our watercraft insurance
Absa idirect watercraft insurance

We insure the rush of adrenaline when you're racing across the water on your jet ski. We insure the wind in your hair when you're sailing on your yacht. We also insure that special fishing trip with your son in your motor boat.

Absa idirect watercraft insurance can give you complete seafaring peace of mind with cover against loss or damage to any motor or ski boat, wet bike, yacht or jet ski up to 20 kilometres from the coast of South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.


  • Enjoy fixed excesses, regardless of the nature of your claim
  • 10% of your premiums paid back to you if you don't claim for three consecutive years, 15% of the fourth year's premium and 20% every year after that if you remain claim free.
  • Cover for the hull, fittings, machinery, engines and equipment normally sold as one unit
  • Cover for your boat trailer
  • Cover against loss or damage of outboard motors (provided they were securely attached to the boat)
  • Cover against accidents, a fire or explosion, a lightning strike, theft and attempted theft and malicious damage to your boat or equipment
  • Legal liability cover of R3 million, except if the person is towed by the watercraft.
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