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Pebble Handset
Payment Pebble™ Handset

Don't want to use your smartphone or tablet? Try our Payment Pebble™ Handset for the easiest way to get paid without an external device.

  • Simplified user experience for mobile payments through a custom-built application
  • A single, low-cost, smart device to operate the Payment Pebble™ that is lightweight and easy to handle – no external smartphone or tablet needed
  • No configuration necessary, as it is pre-built with the Payment Pebble™ application installed
  • Delivered with preconfigured mobile data for use with back-end transactional systems. Compatibility to load 3rd-party Apps using the Payment Pebble™ Handset API
  • Update service for the deployed Android operating system version and an update service for the mobile applications provided with the device
  • Data Sim Card with monthly 50MB top-up data included at no additional cost.

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