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Nelson Mandela Day inspires Absa outreach


In celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day on Wednesday 18 July, Absa announced on Monday that it has partnered with the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication in a 2-week intensive programme that will see Absa employees reaching out to the nation’s children, providing key educational support in the areas of financial literacy and skills sharing.

From Monday 16 July through Friday 27 July 2012, Absa employees will visit various Soul Buddyz Clubs across the country to spend time with and lend their financial skills to primary school children.

The Soul Buddyz Clubs were launched in 2002 by the Soul City Institute in response to the many requests from children who were inspired by the popular children’s TV drama Soul Buddyz. The show introduced children to the concept of working together to change their lives and the lives of the communities around them. Since then, the Soul Buddyz Clubs have grown exponentially and currently there are 8000 groups active nationally.

Although the call to action for participants of Nelson Mandela International Day is to dedicate 67 minutes of their time, Absa employees have committed themselves to go for more – each day Absa employees will spend 1 – 2 hours at each Soul Buddyz Club, eagerly embracing the 2012 ‘active citizenship’ theme for the company in 2012.

Since its inception, Absa has participated by encouraging staff to volunteer. In the past few years, the campaigns have picked up momentum and, in 2011, were formalized into the Absa Employee Volunteer initiative, driving literacy awareness in primary schools across the country. Focussing on financial literacy and skills sharing, Absa employees will provide key areas of education to selected Soul Buddyz Clubs in an intensive 2-week programme after school hours.

‘We are thrilled that Absa employees have embraced Nelson Mandela International Day with such enthusiasm and passion,’ says Gavin Mageni, Head: Citizenship: Africa. ‘By seeking to empower the next generation with skills to achieve economic independence and security, as well as a key understanding of money matters, Absa employees can be part of this iconic celebration of Madiba’s life in a special and unique way.’

Nelson Mandela International Day has called on all citizens to ‘take action, inspire change’ – as before and certainly into the future, Absa employees have committed themselves to take a leadership role in lasting transformative change.

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