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Want to save time, money and the environment? eStatements are the perfect solution. eStatements are electronic statements that can be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox within hours of being generated. They look exactly like the statements you’re used to receiving by post, but are much easier to manage and save because they can be printed or saved on your computer.

eStatements are not only more secure than paper statements - since they are password protected - they are also a great way of reducing the clutter created by paper statements and better for the environment because they save paper.

eStatements are free and you may switch back to physical mail delivery at any time.


  • You will no longer receive your old cheques when you activate eStatements, but you can request an image of the cheque from your branch on an ad hoc basis
  • eStatements are not available for companies, close corporations, trusts or accounts that have two or more account holders

eStatements could be the right choice if you:

  • Have a cheque account, savings account, credit card, home loan, personal loan, unit trust, rewards or car and asset finance
  • Want to receive your statements quicker than you would via the traditional post
  • Would like to be able to save your bank statements in one, easy-to-access location on a computer
  • Would like to contribute to a paperless society in the interests of saving the environment
What you get?
  • A regular electronic statement via email
  • A secure and paperless alternative to your monthly paper statement
  • The ability to manage and save your estatement in one easy-to-access location on a computer
  • The capability to update your statement options at any point
How it works
  • Register for eStatements at any Absa branch or by using Internet Banking or Telephone Banking
  • You will be emailed your first eStatement within 2 business days of the end your next statement cycle and thereafter monthly, which means that you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail
  • The first time you receive an eStatement you will need to download and install the Striata Reader and, if you do not already have it installed, Adobe Reader. Links to both of these products will also be provided in the cover mail of your eStatement.
  • Your eStatement will be delivered to your e-mail inbox as an .emc file attached to an email.
  • For security reasons and to decrypt the file you will only have to enter your password as requested by the prompt
  • Should you wish to change your statement options at any point, simply visit a branch or access Internet Banking or Telephone Banking
How to install the Striata Reader
  • You will have to connect to the internet
  • You will need to download the Striata Reader from the Striata website. It is not a big file. Follow the instruction specific to your computer’s/device’s operating system.
  • The Striata Reader will now be installed.
How to open your eStatement
  • Your eStatement will be delivered to your e-mail inbox as an .emc file attached to an email.
  •  Double-click on the attached statement. When prompted to 'Save' or 'Open' the attachment, choose 'Open'.
  • A dialogue box may prompt you to enter a password
  • Select OK.
  • Your electronic statement will then open.

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