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Don’t you just hate it when an important phone call is interrupted because you’ve run out of airtime? Would you like a more convenient option than having to go to the shops, buy a prepaid top-up voucher and load the airtime yourself? Thanks to Absa’s range of prepaid top-up airtime solutions, the nuisance of having to buy physical prepaid top-up vouchers is a thing of the past.

When you top-up your prepaid airtime with Absa, you can choose from one of five convenient payment channels, namely Absa ATMs, Absa Online, Cellphone Banking, Telephone Banking and Cellphone Banking Lite, and have the airtime loaded onto your phone automatically, letting you get back to that important phone call sooner.

It’s not just your own airtime you can top-up either, you can also top-up a family member, friend or employees airtime, provided you have their cellphone number handy.

To buy your airtime, simply choose the payment channel that suits you best and follow the prompts on screen. Once you have confirmed the details and bought the airtime, it will be loaded onto the specified cellphone within a few minutes. You can top up airtime from any of the cellular providers (Cell C, MTN, Virgin Mobile or Vodacom), as well as Telkom fixed lines. Remember to make sure the details that you provide are accurate though, as the transaction cannot be reversed once it has gone through.

Prepaid Top-Up could be the right choice if you:

  • Have a prepaid cellphone with any of the cellular service providers
  • Need to have airtime on your phone at all times
  • Would like the convenience of choosing from three payment channels
  • Want the airtime to be loaded automatically and available immediately 
  • If you don't like to carry cash
Did You Know?
You can top up prepaid airtime for Cell C, MTN, Virgin Mobile and Vodacom, as well as for 8Ta and Telkom’s fixed lines.

What you get?
  • The ability to buy airtime for yourself or someone else using the payment channel of your choice
  • The airtime loaded directly onto the cellphone within a few minutes of purchase and available for use immediately
  • We are open for Prepaid needs 24 hours a day - when your local convenient store is closed we are waiting to assist you anytime anywhere
  • No more waiting in queues
  • You don’t need to carry cash. We debit your bank account directly with the value of your purchase - at no cost to you!
  • There are 5 Absa channels that you can choose from to buy Prepaid airtime namely Absa ATMs, Absa Internet Banking, Cellphone Banking, Telephone Banking and Cellphone Banking Lite by dialling *120*2272# if you are registered as a NotifyMe customer.
  • Absa has close to 8000 ATMs in the country making Prepaid airtime accessible to you anywhere in South Africa at any time of day or night.
  • You don’t even need to be an Absa customer to use our ATMs to buy the airtime you need
How it works
  • If you are buying airtime at an ATM:
    • Once you have inserted your card and entered your PIN number, select ‘Other Transactions’
    • Select ‘Prepaid Airtime’ and then follow the prompts to purchase the airtime amount you have specified
  • If you are buying airtime using Absa Online or Cellphone Banking:
    • Login as usual and select ‘Payments’ from the menu
    • Select ‘Prepaid Top-Up’ on the left of your screen and then follow the prompts
    • The airtime will be loaded within a few minutes and will be available for use immediately
  • Cellphone Banking Lite
    • Dial *120*2272# to login
    • Select ‘Prepaid Airtime’ from the menu and follow the prompts
  • Telephone Banking
    • Dial 08600 08600
    • Select ‘Telephone Banking’ - follow the voice prompts for agent assisted or self service Prepaid services

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