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Prepaid Electricity

We want you have a brighter future in all aspects. At Absa we make topping up your prepaid electricity even easier and ensure you can do it anywhere, anytime.

For your convenience you can buy your prepaid electricity from Absa for most municipalities, Eskom and private metering companies nationwide.

It is easy and convenient with Absa - you can use Absa Cellphone Banking or Cellphone Banking Lite to top up prepaid electricity or simply buy a prepaid electricity voucher at your nearest Absa ATM.

The payment for your prepaid electricity will be debited from your selected Absa cheque or savings account. Keep in mind that you will need airtime when using cellphone banking for topping up your electricity or sending your ATM UniPin number. Standard networks rates apply.

Prepaid electricity using Absa cellphone banking or an ATM is for you if:

  • You want the convenience of top-up or buy prepaid electricity 24 hours a day
  • You want to load prepaid airtime immediately
  • Want the choice to buy prepaid electricity via cellphone banking or at an Absa ATM
What you get?
  • The ability to purchase prepaid electricity at a time and place convenient to you
  • A Prepaid electricity token is available immediately if you use the Cellphone Banking or Cellphone Banking Lite channel
Cellphone Prepaid Electricity top up

Cellphone Banking.

  • Log onto Cellphone Banking by entering your access account number and pin
  • Select the 'Prepaid' option from the menu displayed
  • Then select the 'Purchase' option to commence with your prepaid electricity purchase

Cellphone Banking Lite (USSD)

  • Dial *120*2272#
  • Select 'Prepaid Electricity' from the menu and follow the prompts to buy the units you need
  • Select 'Purchase'—follow the prompts to get the electricity token you need instantly
UniPIN Prepaid Electricity top up

UniPIN Prepaid Electricity allows you to purchase electricity at your nearest Absa ATM 24 hours a day using a pin to purchase an electricity voucher. The voucher is then printed on your Absa ATM receipt.

How it works:

  • You can purchase UniPIN Prepaid Electricity Top-ups at an ATM with amounts available from R30 to R1 000
  • Select the option to buy the prepaid electricity at the ATM and the amount
  • You will receive an ATM slip with the “UniPIN number”.
  • To top up your UniPIN electricity, please dial the following on your mobile: *120*41589*UniPIN Number*Meter Number# and press call. Network fees will apply when you dial these numbers.
  • The “meter number” is your number of the prepaid electricity meter at home.
  • After dialling, you will receive an SMS with the recharge token which you need to enter into your electricity meter.

For any queries, please contact our service provider on the following number: 0861 242 355

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