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Control your Absa Online Profile

Create an Absa Online profile that is as unique as your fingerprints and true to your financial and security needs.

Managing and controlling your financial relationship with Absa just became so much easier with Absa Online. Update personal information such as salary, employer, postal address and so much more – without ever having to visit a branch. Even submitting your tax information to SARS is painless with our easy-to-download tax certificates (IT3b) for all your Absa accounts. When you are logged on to Absa Online, you can also use this tab to reset all your security features such as your password, PIN and limits.

Linking your account to your Absa Online profile is easy - simply request it when you open an account.

What information can be updated?

You can create and manage personal, contact and employment information such as:

  • Postal address and contact details
  • Employer and salary information
  • Your language preferences
  • Debt counselling information
  • For security reasons you will have to visit a branch in order to update you residential address, identity number, and security notification contact details

You can also control your Absa Online service by:

  • Viewing your Absa Online costs
  • Changing which account will be billed for Absa Online
  • Changing your account limits
  • Cancelling your Absa Online service
Which security features can be controlled?

There are a number of security features that you can manage and update with ease, such as:

  • Reviewing your access account number
  • Linking/unlinking accounts to Absa online for all your accounts, share trading and Absa Investment Management Services accounts
  • Managing the main users and operators of the account by viewing their details and logged history
  • Load more users onto your Absa Online-profile
  • Manage the transactional authorisation on your accounts
  • Change your PIN, Password and SurePhrase responsibly
  • Control your Absa Online limits and change them should you need to
  • You can also review the log of the activity that has happened on your Absa Online service including when users logged on, sent RVNs, added new beneficiaries, etc
Manage eStatements and NotifyMe
  • Register, view and manage NotifyMe settings for your linked accounts. It is an optional service that you can elect to implement
  • Register, view and manage your eStatement settings for your linked accounts and set up two email addresses to which you would like your eStatement delivered. You can choose how you would like your bank statements delivered and can revert back to snailmail

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