Ways to Bank

Ways to Bank

As technology has advanced, banking has become easier and easier. There are a number of transactions that you can make without having to step into a branch – simply using your cellphone, telephone or internet connection.

Absa offers you a range of services designed to make your life just a little bit easier. With NotifyMe, SMS or email alerts help you keep a constant eye on your money. CashSend allows you to send money to anyone (even if they don’t have a bank account). Need to pay a fine or top up your airtime? Not a problem – simply log on to Cellphone Banking or Absa Online and transact quickly and easily.

Anytime, Anywhere

Transact wherever you need to, whenever you need to – using your cellphone, telephone or the internet

International Banking

When travelling internationally, you can choose between foreign currency and a Cash Passport – all available in a range of currencies and denominations

Banking Locally

We have an extensive network of branches and ATMs across South Africa, ensuring that you can always carry out your banking transactions no matter where you are

Secure Online Shopping

You can now use your Absa PIN-based card to shop online, when and where it suits you, using a secure mobile solution called Authenticated Mobile Transaction (AMT)

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