Switching FAQs

When you switch your account, debit orders and salary to Absa, you will have access to a range of products and value added benefits, such as:

  • Absa Online Banking offers you more than easy and safe access to your bank accounts 24 hours a day. You can also pay accounts, transfer funds, buy prepaid airtime and send money
  • Cellphone Banking offers you a convenient way of banking using the one item you never leave home without - your cellphone
  • NotifyMe is a great way of keeping track of your finances conveniently, and allows you to stay informed and in control of transactions on your accounts
  • Earn cash Rewards every time you swipe your card
  • Send money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account and they can receive it from any Absa ATM with CashSend
  • eStatements are electronic statements that can be delivered directly to your email inbox
  • Debit order switching – free of charge!
  • When you top-up your prepaid airtime with Absa, you can choose from one of five convenient payment channels: Absa ATMs, Absa Internet Banking, Cellphone Banking, Telephone Banking and Cellphone Banking Lite
  • Pay fines quickly and easily
  • Send money internationally with Western Union

How long does it take to complete the switching form? Once completed who do I sent it to?

  • The form takes a few minutes to fill in. Then, email it to or fax it to us 086 753 3537.

What is important to remember when completing the form?

We don’t want to miss anything when you fill your switching form, so please bear the following in mind:

  • Complete the form in a black inked pen and write as clearly as possible
  • There are two options available:
    • Salary switch, which requires you to fill in your employer’s information
    • Debit order switch, which requires you to complete Annexure 1 with a list of your current debit orders
  • Complete all your personal details and don’t forget to provide us with contact details
  • Don’t forget to add your Absa account details and the details of your previous bank account
  • When completing Annexure 1 with the details of your debit orders, make sure that all reference numbers are filled in with as much detail as possible
  • And don’t forget to sign the form. Without this signature, we can’t switch you!

How long does it take to switch?

  • The form takes a few minutes to fill in and email / fax to / 086 753 3537. Then, depending on the service providers you have debit orders with and your employer, switching can take up to a month to complete. We will however, during the process keep you updated.

Does switching cost anything?

  • No, switching is free!

Do I need my spouse’s consent to switch home loans?

  • If you own the home together, you will need your spouse’s consent and signature.

Do all companies or service providers accept debit order or salary switching?

  • No. Sometimes service providers will not switch accounts on instruction from us, and you may need to facilitate the switch. See the list of all service providers, banks and employers who do not accept Absa-initiated debit order or salary switching instructions.

Will Absa be able to switch my internal stop orders and beneficiary payments?

  • Unfortunately not, but you can have this done by either visiting your nearest Absa Branch or on Absa Online.

Can Absa change the date when a debit order is due?

  • No, this can only be changed by you.

When do I need to close my old account?

  • You can close your old account once you have confirmation that all your debit orders and salary have been switched, and your first run of debit orders have come off your new account and your salary has been paid into your Absa account.


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