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Fixed Deposit

A single deposit, invested for a fixed period, at a guaranteed, fixed rate of interest.

Risk Amount Term
Low R 1,000 8 days to 5 years

Do you have a sum of money you would like to invest for a specific period? Would you like to enjoy the certainty of a fixed interest rate? Absa’s Fixed Deposit account offers a range of investment periods and guaranteed interest rates to suit your exact needs. Whether short or long-term, for 8 days or 5 years, the interest rate granted will remain stable throughout the agreed investment period.

What are the advantages?

  • A guaranteed interest rate for the entire term of your investment (based on your initial deposit)
  • A wide range of investment periods (from 8 days to 60 months)
  • A choice of when interest payments are paid out (on maturity, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually)
  • Additional interest on balances less than R100 000 for 12 months and longer (if 55 years or older)
  • Pledge your investment to secure an overdraft or loan up to 80% of your balance

How to qualify:

  • A minimum initial deposit of R1 000 to open the account

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