Absa idirect Portable Possessions Insurance

Absa idirect offers flexible portable possessions insurance, automatic cover on all items less than R 1 500 in value, 24-hour emergency assistance and it doesn’t matter where the loss or damage happens because coverage is worldwide.

Items belonging to you or your immediate family members that are worth more than R1 500 in value are also covered provided you have individually specified and listed them. Typically, items such as cellphones, contact lenses, camera equipment, navigational devices, including GPS units, and MP3 players, including iPods, will need to be specified.

Absa idirect portable possessions insurance could be the right choice if you:

  • Would like to enjoy fixed excesses, regardless of the nature of your claim.
  • Want to enjoy home emergency assistance 24/7 and be able to access professional help, from electricians and plumbers to pest controllers, whenever you need to.
  • Would like to be rewarded for not claiming for a period of 3 consecutive years by having 10% of your premiums paid on your behalf, increasing to 15% in the 4th year and 20% every year thereafter.
What you get?
  • Automatic cover for items that will cost less than R 1 500 to replace, including clothing, personal effects worn on your person (watches, jewellery) and sporting equipment.
  • Specified all risk cover for items worth more than R 1 500, such as cell phones, MP3 players, GPS units and camera equipment
  • Worldwide coverage — so it doesn’t matter where the loss or damage happens

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