Building Insurance

Whether it is an investment that you let out, a holiday apartment you escape to 3 times a year or the house you call home, every building you own needs to be properly insured to protect you from the financial consequences of disasters such as fires, floods, landslides and explosions.

You should insure your property for the total amount it would cost to rebuild the structure if it were destroyed and remember that these costs go up all the time so it’s also a good idea to review your needs and cover every year.

Absa offers affordable, comprehensive homeowner property insurance, which protects the structure and permanent fittings of your property against fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, water and flood damage, whether your property is financed through Absa or not.

You can either take advantage of the hassle-free service provided by Absa idirect or talk to an Absa Financial and Insurance Adviser about creating a tailor-made solution to meet your unique property insurance needs.

Whichever option you choose, you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the bank you trust to safeguard your money is also protecting your most valuable asset.

Absa idirect Property Insurance

Comprehensive homeowner’s insurance with 24-hour home emergency assistance and fixed excesses, regardless of the nature of your claim

Absa Insurance and Financial Advisers

An independent brokerage offering objective advice and comparative quotes from different insurance companies for any insurance requirements.

Absa Home Loan Protector

Secure that home loan for your family, regardless of what may befall you

Homeowner's Comprehensive Insurance

Protection of the physical structure of your home and any improvements made to the property

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