Wills & Estate Planning

You have worked hard to build financial security and freedom for yourself and those dear to you, but what will happen to your estate when you pass away? Are you also keen to ensure the transfer of your estate is as smooth as possible?

Absa Trust will help you draft a will that ensures your wishes are carried out legally, your loved ones are taken care of, and items of monetary and sentimental value are properly protected and distributed. We also provide estate planning and administration services that will take the maximum advantage of tax and estate duties to ensure your loved ones receive what you wished for them by protecting and managing inheritances, distributing assets fairly, and even assisting with succession planning. In addition, Absa Trust will provide detailed expertise in managing your trust's assets and investments for the benefit of our loved ones, as agreed between the founder and trustees.

Wills and Estate Planning could be the right choice if you:

  • Would like a professional financial institution to plan, manage and handle your estate
  • Want to ensure your will, trust, estate planning and administration meets all of the necessary legal requirements
  • Would like your instructions and requirements carried out to the letter
  • Want to ensure your loved ones get the full inheritance you have bequeathed them
  • Want to transfer inheritance in a quick and efficient manner
  • Would like to spare your loved ones the additional burden of managing the short-term aspects of your estate during a grieving period
What you get?
  • A will drafted by knowledgeable experts, with the option for Absa to safeguard it, for an annual fee
  • An estate administration system that will swiftly and efficiently service the heirs of your estate while providing emotional support through your designated Estate Administrator
  • Access to a professional trustee service and experts who will advise on different types of trusts, and manage your trust in an efficient manner
  • Absa Trust will provide security to the Master of the High Courts

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