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Your circumstances are unique and so are your life insurance requirements, which is why Absa Life @Ease gives you the flexibility to choose appropriate cover options to suit your lifestyle and financial needs.

Absa Life @Ease offers a wide range of cover options - including death, disability, critical illness cover, together with income protection - so you can meet all your insurance needs and protect your loved ones and yourself with a single, comprehensive policy.

Absa Life @Ease could be the right choice if you:

  • Don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ life policy, but benefits tailored to suit your unique lifestyle and financial needs
  • Would like to protect your loved ones and yourself with a single, comprehensive policy
  • Would like a straightforward, easy to understand policy with no hidden clauses or loopholes
  • Want great cover at a great price by combining benefits to save on premiums
  • Are looking at a home loan and would like to ensure, in the event of your death, that your surviving family members won’t bear the burden of repayment
What you get?
  • Death Benefit is vital if you have dependents and are concerned about providing for their future. On death, a lump sum payment is made to protect your estate or to provide for your dependents’ financial future.
  • Accidental Death Benefit though less comprehensive than the full Death Benefit, but, should death result from an accident, your estate and your dependents’ financial future will be provided for.
  • Functional Impairment Benefit so that a payment can be made in the event of a loss of functional capacity that reduces your ability to perform functions and activities that form part of your daily life.
  • Physical Impairment Benefit so that a payment can be made in the event of an unnatural, accidental or incidental loss of ability due to an injury or accident. This benefit will help you pay for home modifications or maintaining your current lifestyle during your adjustment period.
  • Critical Illness Benefit helps out when traditional medical aid is exhausted and you need protection from the cost of treatment and recovery. Depending on your level of cover a lump sum payment will be made for you to use on diagnosis of a critical illness.
  • Own Occupation Disability Benefit covers you when you are injured or fall ill and it is impossible for you to carry out the duties of your chosen occupation.
  • Own or Similar Occupation Disability Benefit is similar to the ‘Own Occupation Disability Benefit’, but covers you if are unable to work within your chosen career or a similar working environment.
  • “Catch All” Disability Benefit, the most comprehensive of all the disability benefits, protects you against either a “total” or “partial” inability to perform the normal activities of your daily life.
  • Final Expenses Benefit is the equivalent of a funeral policy, a lump sum payment will be made within 48 hours of death to meet the immediate funeral expenses.
  • Income Protection Benefit will provide you with a regular income, either temporarily or permanently, if you are unable to work.
  • Business Overheads Expense will cover your business's overhead costs while you are unable to.

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