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Private Insure

A dedicated Absa Private Banker is your single point of contact to the comprehensive knowledge and skills of an experienced team of insurance professionals who will be able to assist you in creating an all inclusive insurance program.

Please note that in order for our team of professionals to assist you, you need to be an Absa Private Bank client.

Private Insure could be the right choice if you:

  • Need insurance specifically tailored to protect high-value or selective items
  • Have multiple insurance needs, but do not want the hassle of multiple premiums
  • Would like the option of paying a monthly or annual premium
  • Want to ensure that you are not paying an unnecessary premium for overlapping benefits from different insurance policies
  • Are - or would like to be - an Absa Private Bank client
What does it include?
  • Extra benefits covered, over and above standard household contents insurance:
    • Specified valuable items including: art, exclusive carpets, priceless collections, etc.
    • Security guards to ensure safety after damage
    • Cover for professional counselling following a trauma
    • Newly acquired items
    • Gifts received or purchased
    • Cover for property belonging to your guests.
    • All risks covered, including world wide insurance cover for risk items when travelling
  • Homeowners insurance will cover your property structure, fittings or features:
    • While your property is being transferred, altered, improved or built to improve access if the insured was in an accident
    • For the first 21 days after buying fitted appliances or furniture
    • Damage to gardens
    • Tracing and repair leaks
    • Against damage caused by fire, storms, floods, earthquakes and subsidence
  • Motor vehicle insurance for the retail value of your car and any credit shortfall that may arise. Emergency accommodation, limited medical expenses for hijacking and accidents is included as well as the option to extend the car hire period to 90 days
  • Airborne technical assistance for 4x4 vehicles (or similar) including winch repairs, evacuation costs and medical care outside South Africa
  • Quad bike and caravan/trailer insurance; in addition to sailboats, motorboats, and other small boats used for pleasure

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