Platinum Insure

As an affluent customer, you’ve rightly come to expect the finer things in life - finer things and assets that need insurance that matches their high price tags and quality.

Platinum Insure could be the right choice if you:

  • Earn a minimum of R300 000 and a maximum of R750 000
  • Need insurance specifically tailored for high-value items
  • Have multiple insurance needs, but don’t want to be hassled by multiple premiums
  • Want to ensure you’re not paying an unnecessary premium for overlapping benefits from different insurance policies
Did You Know?
Absa Assist, in addition to its extensive vehicle and emergency services, also provides for any medical, legal, home, tax and document assistance you may need.

What you get?
  • A premium calculated by looking at each individual risk aspect in its own right before determining the final amount
  • Houseowners get cover in the event of:
    • Tracing of water, gas and oil leaks on your property
    • Storm damage
    • Water damage from geysers or leaking pipes
    • Accidental damage to public mains
    • Broken glass or sanitary ware
  • Absa Plus House Contents insurance, which will provide:
    • Replacement for the loss of damage of keys and locks, remote controls and electronic keys
    • 1% of the sum insured, on deterioration of freezer and fridge items
    • Home industry stock, limited to certain terms and conditions
    • All risk cover for R50 000 included in your Household cover.
  • Motor Vehicle insurance up to a maximum value of R1.5 million the vehicle's retail value. Car hire is automatically included in your policy  in the event of your vehicle being stolen, written off or partially damaged and in for repairs.
  • Caravan/trailer insurance, in addition to sailboats, motorboats, and other small boats used for pleasure
  • Insurance of personal data on PC, which would allow for the reconstruction of data up to value of R5 000
  • Absa Assist, a 24/7 service which offers emergency services for vehicle towing, accommodation, locksmiths and more
  • If you become unable to make payments due to an accident that prevents you from doing so, Absa will waiver the premium while still providing the necessary cover
  • All Assault, which covers you in the event of being assaulted

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