Absalutely Women

Insurance is often tailored to cover the major risks applicable to everyone. What happens when you, as a woman, aren’t covered for items like breast cancer or pregnancy? You need insurance for women, designed with these considerations in mind.

Fortunately, Absa recognises the unique issues that concern women through their Absalutely Women insurance option. In addition to providing all of the standard insurance cover options available in Absa Plus, Absalutely Women lets you pick additional cover options that will ensure you are covered when it comes to breast cancer, child care, pregnancy costs and reconstructive surgery when maimed in an accident.

Absalutely Women could be the right choice if you:

  • Are a woman or the person you wish to insure is a woman.
  • Would like to cover female-specific diseases, such as breast and cervical cancer.
  • Have children and would like to ensure they are looked after in the event of you being unable to do so as a result of an insured event.
  • Would like to ensure you can undergo surgery or corrective procedures if an accident affects your physical appearance.
  • Want the additional costs involved in pregnancy to be covered.
Did You Know?
Absa Assist, in addition to its extensive vehicle and emergency services, also provides for any medical, legal, home, tax and document assistance you may need.

What you get?
  • All of the insurance options available through Absa Plus.
  • Women Plus if chosen, will provide you cover in the following circumstances:
    • Diagnosis of a female-specific cancer.
    • Facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery in the event that an accident leaves you disfigured.
    • Child Care, which covers the expenses of looking after your children when you are unable to.
    • A once-off cash payment when you get pregnant and need to cover the costs of having a baby.
    • If you become disabled, and need to cover the rehabilitative or costs of converting your home to meet your new lifestyle requirements.
    • Payment to your family in the instance of your death.
  • If you become stranded or your car has a breakdown, Absa Assist will provide free towing to the nearest workshop or place of safety, emergency overnight accommodation or petrol delivery, amongst other benefits.
  • Event Manager, if selected, will organise admission to hospitals, ambulance transport and will provide up to R 40 000 if you need to be admitted into an intensive care unit, surgical theatre or general ward.

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