Insuring Your Individuality

Absa recognises and celebrates the diversity that makes each of our customers unique, and we offer personalised insurance solutions to suit all of your needs.

In addition to our core insurance offering, we know that high-income individuals have discerning needs – including comprehensive insurance for high-value items such as artworks, homes, vehicles and priceless collections – covered by Private and Platinum Insure. Women also require a specialised insurance solution such as Absalutely Women, which includes cover for life-changing events such as breast cancer and pregnancy. 

If you need a more flexible insurance premium option, the Absa Plus solution calculates your premium based on your lifestyle factors and unique needs. Regardless of what insurance requirements you may have, we are here to assist you.

Platinum Insure

High-value insurance covering multiple needs through one comprehensive premium and policy

Absa Plus

Only pay for what you need with a single premium that is calculated by looking at each of your risk factors individually

Absalutely Women

An insurance package that recognises the unique needs of women, such as breast cancer, child care and pregnancy, amongst others

Private Insure

As a discerning individual you deserve a unique insurance solution that protects the property and assets that you have acquired.

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